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Some testimonials from clients:


I found Caroline Vogt's book, "Dreams to Reality," very stimulating and engaging. I find myself looking at my home and workspace differently and considering how these spaces helps me achieve or holds me back from my goals. I think entrepreneurs will find this book helpful.”

Frank Pascoe, Ph.D.

 I have read many books about family life, but "Dreams to Reality" by Caroline Vogt is one of the most insightful and motivating books to give deep meaning to the value of recreating life at home. Caroline also offers many concrete ways to help you get started to bring warmth and stability to home life.

Linda Harris, MA Counselor, Counseling and Life Coaching, Relationship and  Family   

      "Dreams To Reality" by Caroline Vogt is a precious guide in daily productive life which really helped me a great deal in putting my own dream into reality: creating a beautiful organized and harmonious environment by closet and room reorganizing and interior decorating. Putting her tips into practice was very valuable as how to save time and money as well. The positive results manifested also in a clear mind, better focus, more energy and creativity. This book contains a lot of valuable resources and is a must have for individuals, families and professionals wanting to improve their private and office space and enrich their lives in general. 

Christa Ruggiero, Senior Career and Life Coach, GE  


Caroline has a powerful vision for the world and her boundless energy and happy heart are a great example to me. Reading her book gave me great joy. I will doubtless benefit from the lessons.

Caroline shares with us her wisdom of decades of study of the art of decoration and happy, successful living. In this rich book, the readers will find useful ideas, concepts and exercises to propel their lives into a positive direction. Read it and act upon on it.” 

Benjamin Ulrich, M.Sc. Psychologist, Investor and Entrepreneur benjaminulrich.com


Offering simple steps towards living a positive healthy life, Caroline Vogt, in her book, "Dreams to Reality", takes you through what you need to do each day to realize your dreams. The book is practical and has easy to follow instructions that make the journey rich and delightful. She takes you through the day, gives you ideas about how to organize your daily chores, work and personal life in stress-free ways. It is a small encyclopedia of creative ideas designed to bring more beauty and warmth into your and your family's life.     

Svetlana Varbanova, German teacher, eTwinning-Moderatorin


I’m so grateful to Caroline Vogt for her knowledge and generous heart. I’m not a “born-organized” individual by any means and I have a lot on my plate. Her wisdom and organizational guide  was coupled with periods of planned rest and fun activities for rewards which were tremendously helpful! I’ve even been able to use the principles while helping a friend prepare for guests. I felt like Caroline was coaching me as I worked and I was able to be positive and encouraging as we worked to accomplish her goal for her company.

 -Denise Rist

Ms. Vogt reminds us that opportunities for personal growth and development are present in virtually every nook and cranny of our daily lives, and follow the same laws regardless of the scope of the activity. The name of the game is RESULTS.

Jump on! Join the fray! Get Ms. Vogt’s book and start building and living a more compelling vision of your life…NOW.

Norman Maldonado, Director ASC International House, Vevey


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